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So What Is It You Say That you Serve, Anyways???

Well, we haven’t really decided yet. Sort of.

We know we’re going to do our damnedest to get things local & fresh. For example, we’ve already got our account set up with Continental Sausage. They are a local Denver company that produces Dogs, Brats, Sausages, Meats & Cheeses right here in Denver. They’ve got a shop downtown where you can buy direct! Look’em up, they rock. They certify all their providers as being humane and sustainable – good for the animals, good for the planet.

We also know we will be serving some of the best damn burgers on wheels. Custom blends of ground beef (think Angus & Pork Belly or Sirloin & Brisket) cooked to perfection and served with Doc Baron’s house made sauces of yumminess (Chipotle Mayo, Bacon Ranch, Herbed Honey Mustard… you get the idea) and topped with fresh. local veggies (when available).

Could we stop there? Could we just serve the freshest, best tasting burgers, dogs and brats and be a success? Abso-freakin’-lutely! However, we don’t want to stop at there. When we say food for the soul, we mean it. And sometimes the soul wants more than just burgers, dogs and brats.  

So we have been experimenting with sandwich recipes; some of them are just down home good, while others are mind blowing mashup that’ll make you wonder what the heck we do in our test kitchen. The pages that follow this one are some of those recipes. Check’em out and tell us what you think!